About us

Thank you for visiting us. We’ve been involved in racing in one form or another for over thirty years. Many years spent first off road racing then on to dirt bike racing and off road racing. More recently we moved back to drag racing motorcycles and on to circle track racing. During this time, as anyone who has participated in any kind of racing knows, we’ve spent alot of money and bought alot of parts. That being said, there is not much that we are not familiar with and we understand the need to keep the price of parts reasonable. All of this is the reason we decided to start this company in order to supply those with maybe not the budget of a John Force a channel to get those items they need to do the thing they love. We have been in the powersports industry since 1993 and have supplied the correct parts and accessories to our many customers including everything from performance parts to all the parts any self respecting racer, casual off roader or workhorse atv owner would want.